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About us

My name is Jonae Rollins and I’m the Owner & Founder of Nubian DreamHer

Let me start by saying how happy I am to put out these artistically crafted and designed T-Shirts. Let me back up and tell you a little about myself.

I have big dreams, imagination on 1,000, more determined than Mulan & personality to boot. Having such a creative soul, expression became any art form I could tame. As a child achieving National recognition and placing one of the highest in my region, my talents were not reserved to just a gymnast. Trained Modern, Jazz, and Ballett dancer became a Prancing Morganette at Morgan state University. The multitasking, multi-expressional artist burst into adulthood decorated, educated and ready to bloom.


Post Graduation, with a Bachelors in Communication, Jonae entered into the IT field, flexing her knowledge and skills into her own business. Now Mom-prenuer, planning my upcoming nuptials, my motivations have pushed me to fulfill a promise. One I made to myself while preparing to enter the next stage of my life. Most importantly, to fulfill my own big dreams.


No, not a metaphorical dream, an actual factual, I fell asleep and didn't hit "continue watching" on the netflix menu, type of dream. The kind that was so intense you wake up suddenly, remembering every exciting moment, and 'race to pen and paper so you can get it down before you forget it' dream. 


Enter Nubian Dreamer, created to be the vehicle that will take every dreamer on this artistic collection & expression of her original dream

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