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A Secret Decoded

Family has always been very important to Elora. She was raised an only child, very close to her parents. When she grew up and found love, she had to leave her parents behind to work with her new boyfriend, the man she would soon marry, eventually going on to have four children.

At first Elora talked to her parents every chance she got, but something went wrong. Phone calls with her mother grew shorter and infrequent, and Elora could barely get a word out of her mother Zuri. It was like this right until her mother passed away, before she even got to chance to see her grandchildren again.

Now, overcome with grief, Elora is determined to find out why her mother had grown so distant; a devastating/huge secret that could change the entire family.

The question is: will the family survive the truth?

New Arrival

About Author

Hi my name is Jonae and I wanted to share a few things about myself to help you get to know me.
🔸I live in the U.S. with my fiancée and son
🔸 I’m a dancer and a former gymnast
🔸 I graduated from Morgan State University with a BA in Communications
🔸 I love to laugh and enjoy life
🔸 I love to read

Jonae Rollins is a writer, author, small business owner, and entrepreneur. As a graduate of Morgan State University, Jonae got into the field of I.T. becoming an Oracle Applications Analyst before transitioning into a full-time parent. Growing up in a military family, she currently lives and works out of her home in Maryland. She's a debut author and a small business owner of Nubian DreamHer.

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